IT'S not a bird, it's not a plane — it's Mary Whettingsteel of Calbourne.

The sprightly 86 year old completed a tandem paraglide from the downs at Compton to raise funds for Cancer Research.

"It was wonderful, I would absolutely recommend it," she Mary.

Jumping with Paddy Court, of High Adventure Paragliding, who Mary has known since he was a little boy, she said wasn't nervous at all.

"A lot of my friends came out to watch and I was excited to do it," said Mary.

"It was a wonderful morning. The sun was shinning and there was a bright blue sky

"I was only nervous when Paddy said we might have trouble getting back up on the downs."

Although they had to land on the beach below, during high tide, Mary and Paddy managed to keep their feet dry by aiming for a patch of sand.

Mary said they were then given a hand back up the cliff by 'two very helpful young men.'

Mary has raised more than £740 on her fundraising page and is certain she will reach her target of £1,000.

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