ISLE of Wight MP Bob Seely has continued his tour campaigning against plans to build almost 10,000 homes on the Island over the next 15 years.

Around 40 people attended the latest meeting at the Broadway Centre, Sandown, last Thursday, where Mr Seely spoke about the Island Plan.

The planning strategy has been drawn up by the Isle of Wight Council, based on government housing targets.

It includes plans for 290 new homes in the Sandown area, with the majority due to be built on greenfield sites north of Perowne Way.

Residents raised concerns the housing targets had been set without consultation with Islanders.

Mr Seely said: “Thank you to the Sandown residents who came to talk to me. I encourage Islanders to write to their local councillor to ask them to support me in fighting the housing targets.

“The housing targets for the Island are too high and are unsustainable. They would see houses built in the wrong places and they would not be built to suit the needs of Islanders both young and old.

“We need to put Islanders first and build the housing they need.

"I am working with the Isle of Wight Council to put a case to the government saying that our Island must be seen as an exceptional case.”

Sandown South Cllr Ian Ward, a member of the ruling Conservative group that approved the Island Plan, said: “A good number of residents gathered to hear our MP talk about our emerging planning policy document called the Island Plan. There was clear acceptance of Bob’s concerns and proposals.”

The next meeting will be held at the Riverside Centre, Newport, on Monday, at 7pm.

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