ISLE of Wight photographer Ainsley Bennett has captured these amazing pictures of a white-tailed sea eagle in flight.

Six white-tailed sea eagles were released in a secret location on the Isle of Wight last week — the first stage of a five-year project by the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation, in conjunction with Forestry England, to reintroduce the raptor to southern England for the first time in 240 years.

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Award-winning photographer Ainsley took these pictures yesterday (Thursday).

He said: "I decided to take a walk and see if I could photograph the white-tailed sea eagles that were released on the Island last week.

"I had already seen one last Friday, so I headed back to the same location hoping for a glimpse.

"After walking for over an hour, this magnificent bird decided to appear out of nowhere and fly directly in front of me.

"This time my camera was in my hand ready and I managed a few images.

"I'm really pleased with the first image showing the eagle flying towards me — I can even read the number on its leg ring as G274.

"Feeling very happy at capturing one of these beautiful birds."

Ainsley is primarily a landscape and seascape photographer, who specialises in astrophotography — capturing the night skies over the Isle of Wight.

You can see more of his work at or on his Facebook page.