INDEPENDENT Arts Anxiety Cafe co-founder, Kerry Weston, has started a social media project — Anxious and Awesome.

The aim of the campaign is to express how anxiety can affect anyone, irrespective of age, gender or background.

The 'awesome' element comes from Kerry's belief that spreading the message and talking about mental health openly is 'awesome'.

Kerry, of Yarmouth, started up her Cupcake and Anxiety blog page four years ago when she took her son out for the first time by herself.

For 15 years, Kerry has suffered from poor mental health, including debilitating anxiety that prevented her from being able to leave the house without support.

Through sharing her experiences on her blog and social media, Kerry aims to start more conversations about mental health, to encourage others to know that it's ok to speak up if they are struggling.

The project can help start really important conversations and combat stigma.

Those who would like to join in are encouraged to grab a piece of paper, jot down the phrase 'anxious and awesome', take a selfie and upload the picture to social media with the tag #anxiousandawesome

Supporting the project, IW business Teemill has launched a line of Anxious and Awesome conversation starting clothing, with a portion of the profits going to IW charities.

The clothing range can be found at

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