A NEWPORT man who lost his wife in the fatal bus crash on Forest Road in April, is recovering despite being given just a five per cent chance of survival.

Derrick Copland, 73, is back on the Isle of Wight after spending seven weeks in intensive care on the mainland and several months recovering from his multiple injuries. His wife Yvonne, 64, died in the crash.

Now their daughter, Charlotte, is organising a charity fundraiser to raise funds for the Hampshire and IW Air Ambulance, who she said she can't thank enough.

Charlotte's brother Warren, 37, was also injured in the crash, along with his partner Richard Wealsby, 33.

The family have been through such tragedy and heartbreak, Charlotte felt something good must also come of the situation, which is why she is organising the fundraiser. She said: "I decided to do the event in memory of mum, and because without the air ambulance that day, my dad would not have survived.

"People are not aware of the state dad was in, and him losing his wife, and us losing our mum, with our children growing up without her.

"The air ambulance was incredible and doing a fundraiser is my way of thanking them for what they had done.

"We will be forever in their debt. How Dad survived, I will never know."

On the day of the crash, Yvonne and Derrick had been taking Warren and Richard to the Yarmouth ferry.

Events took a tragic turn when their car was involved in a collision involving another car and a Southern Vectis bus.

Derrick broke both his arms and legs, and nearly every bone in his body. He has since undergone spinal surgery and still can't walk.

Warren suffered a broken arm and abdominal injuries which required surgery.

Richard broke both his legs and sustained severe abdominal and rib injuries which required surgery.

Yvonne, a mum of four, would have been married 43 years in June, and her death has left the entire family completely bereft.

Charlotte's fundraiser will be held at the Wishing Well Pub in Pondwell, from 7pm to midnight on Saturday, September 14.

For £5 entry, there will be DJ entertainment, a raffle and auction, with generous donations from local businesses, including Isle of Wight Festival tickets donated by John Giddings.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on the Facebook event page Fundraiser in Memory of Yvonne Copland, or on the door on the night.

Donations can also be made, for those who cannot attend but want to support the event.

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