NERDS, geeks, cosplayers and at least one Time Lord descended on Cowes for Fan TC Con, the Island's only comic convention.

Icons including Colin Baker, Josh Herdman and Christopher Ryan appeared alongside local celebrities such as the Wight Knight at the convention held at Cowes Enterprise College.

Adam Pearson, organiser of the convention, said: "We thought we needed a convention on the Island, we set up a Doctor Who con called The Lord of Time, and Fan TC Con just grew out of it.

"There's quite a lot of people who love cosplay, and usually they have to go to the mainland or wait until one of the carnivals.

"This is a place where people of a cosplay nature can just be themselves.

"It's just a chance for people, in a relaxed environment to be themselves and get to meet some of the people they always wanted to meet."

The con drew cosplayers from all over the Island, in outfits ranging from John Wick to Spiderman to people's own original creations.

The Wight Knight, the Island's own superhero who regularly appears at community events, sat alongside exhibitors selling a home made comic of his adventures fighting Thanos from the Avengers movie.

The Wight Knight said: "I'm here selling some artwork and comics that a friend of mine drew, so all the proceeds can go to the charity Autism and Inclusion Matters.

"Altogether the money from these has raised almost £400. It's been brilliant, the kids are loving it."

The con was also a boon for local businesses such as Comic Coffee and Heroes Comics, which set up stalls.

Rob Mead, manager of Heroes Comics said: "We've just brought a bit of everything for everyone.

"We want to support local. We did the first two Island cons, in today's society with the internet and things like that, this is a way we can bring the community together.

"The internet just separates out people in fan communities and a convention like this helps bring them together."