PROFESSIONAL actor Graham Pountney, of Peak Practice and Howards' Way fame, is taking on the lead role in a classic thriller at The Apollo Theatre.

Suddenly at Home is a classic thriller by Francis Durbridge, a master of suspense most famous for creating the Paul Temple series.

The lead role of Glenn Howard will be played by Pountney, whose television credits include Howards' Way, Peak Practice, Doctors, Hustle and New Tricks.

He agreed to step in after a cast member had to withdraw from the role.

Set in the 1970s in an exclusive London flat, Suddenly At Home is a story of love and greed, full of surprises, unexpected twists and intriguing characters that will keep the audience guessing and on the edge of their seats.

Glenn is the volatile, unfaithful husband who schemes to murder his wealthy wife Maggie before taking off with his secret lover.

He works out a seemingly foolproof plan to dispose of his wife while giving himself an alibi and pinning the blame on someone else, but things don't quite go to plan.

It is a murder mystery with a difference, as the audience finds out ‘whodunnit’ early on. The real mystery is whether or not the murderer will get away with it.

Here is Graham Pountney, in interview.

Q) Could you tell us a bit about your acting career and links to the Island?

A) My parents first brought me here when I was three. We came every summer, and my folks built their retirement home here.

They have passed on, but now my sons come down too.

I have been followed for approx forty years by the County Press who reported my graduating from Bristol Old Vic drama School in the 70s.

I was a regular character in the BBC TV series Howards' Way, shot in the Hamble.

Recently I brought to life two Anthony Minghella plays at the Quay Arts, and an evening of Alan Bennett plays the year before.

I toured with Richard II and Edward II to Ventnor Fringe in 2017, and presented my solo show as Charles I in Carisbrooke Castle.

Q) Is this the first time you have acted at the Apollo Theatre?

A) Not exactly. I rehearsed my audition speeches for drama school on the stage in 1973. Otherwise, yes.

Q) Without giving too much away, can you tell us about Suddenly At Home and your character?

A) Glenn is a charmer. He wants to better his life, and subtly resents his wife having more cash than him, and the way she wants to spend it and live her life.

He decides there's a way to better himself on his own terms.

The play's about him attempting to do that, but other people get in the way

Q) What made you agree to be part of this play?

A) I was asked! And I've also been discussing with the Apollo about bringing a play there with my company next year.

It seemed a great way to get to know everyone.

Q) What would you say to anyone thinking of going to see it?

A) Be prepared to have your ideas changed. Nothing is quite as it seems, and the tension is tangible."

Suddenly At Home is on from September 6 to 14.