HUNDREDS turned out for the annual Seaview Regatta in the sunshine last week, enjoying a wide variety of competitions and events.

Visitors were treated to rowing, sailing, tug-of-war, and – of course – the traditional greasy pole challenge.

One entrant, Digby North, made it all the way to the end of the pole this year, which is a rare achievement.

After an intense contest of tug-of-war, the Bill Isaacson Rose Bowl for women was won by the Cross Fit Incursion President’s Team, while the Hersey Shield for men was won by the Tops Tuggers.

The Turvey Challenge, for mixed teams, was won by the President’s 8.

Sailing and swimming were hotly contested by entrants from all age ranges.

Swimmers Mia Stillwell and Jacob Edwards, both 13, took home the Rivlin Cup and Aston Cup respectively.

In sailing, 1st Pico was won by Niamh Comerford, while the Methuen Challenge Cup for First Mermaid was won by Richard Taylor.

The main event was the rowing, in which the Hyndley Cup for mixed skulling with cox was won by Susannah and Tobias Garnett and their cox Ella Pinney.

Andrea Crowther, of the organising committee, said: “We had a great turnout for the whole event, and the good weather certainly helped.

“Of course many of our visitors and competitors are from the mainland, but we also have a great local community.

"Every year we have local families taking part, giving us a great mix.”

“The regatta has been going for so long, but, year after year, people keep coming back.”

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