A SOUTHERN Vectis bus has got stuck up St Catherine's Road, Niton, due to what its driver described as 'illegally parked cars'.

The 2.38pm Route 6, which serves Newport, Chale, Niton, Whitwell and Ventnor, among other places, cannot proceed until the vehicles are moved.

Southern Vectis Tweeted: "There are several illegally parked cars in St Catherine's Road (Buddle Loop), Niton.

"As a result, the 14:38 Route 6 Whitwell to Ventnor is currently stuck and unable to proceed. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this."

The main attraction of the road for visitors is the popular Buddle Inn, although the road also leads to the beach.

UPDATE 3.15pm: Southern Vectis said: "Unfortunately, owing to the continuing problems around The Buddle Loop, we regret to inform that the 15:00 Route 6 Ventnor to Newport is currently unable to operate."

UPDATE 3.20pm: Southern Vectis said: "Some of the vehicles around The Buddle Loop have now moved and the 14:29 Route 6 Newport to Ventnor and the 15:00 Route 6 Ventnor to Newport will operate albeit 40 mins late. Please note that Route 6 WILL NOT serve The Buddle Loop for the remainder of the day."

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