AN OLD hand grenade — unknowingly brought into an Isle of Wight holiday park by a guest who found it on the beach — has been detonated by bomb disposal teams this morning (Friday).

The alarm was raised at around 1am after staff at Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park, Bembridge, learnt about the grenade and alerted the police.

A number of guests were vacated from their holiday homes and taken to the park's restaurant while the situation was dealt with.

The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team arrived from Portsmouth this morning, and detonated the device on the beach.

Isle of Wight coastguards were also called to the scene to move a yacht to safety while the controlled explosion was carried out.

A spokesperson for Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park said: "The safety of our customers and owners is paramount and we are pleased to say everyone is now back in their accommodation.

"Thank you to everyone involved for your help, support and patience.

"The park will continue today, business as usual."

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