From Paul Knocker, Bembridge.

I WAS astonished to read the report on your front page (CP, 09-08-19), that Lord Adonis has stepped into the fixed-link debate, because his ferry was delayed for an hour, and has raised questions about our MP’s interest in the subject.

Lord Adonis has never faced a public election, but he was Secretary of State for Transport, under Tony Blair’s auspices.

Then, in 2015, he was appointed the first chairman of George Osborne’s new National Infrastructure Commission. 

There is not much information on what was accomplished in the two years before he resigned but it must have given him a clear insight into the many serious transport infrastructure problems across the country — roads, railways and airport capacity. 

Where would a fixed link to the Island fit into his priorities?

Suddenly, Lord Adonis seems to have an amazing understanding of the Island — how many times has he actually been here?

His criticism of our MP — “He fiddles while Rome burns”, was grossly irresponsible. 

He has listed some of his priorities, including nationalising the ferry companies, no surprise there,  but would this happen before or after the construction of a fixed link. 

Then he suggests a jobs strategy drawn up by the Treasury — is he serious?  

Perhaps the real priority now is to find out whether the majority of residents and regular visitors, want to retain the status of an island.  From the correspondence on Facebook, there seems to be an assumption everyone wants some form of fixed link, ignoring the cost, national priorities and the consequences for resources and infrastructure.

Wightlink carries more than 4.5 million people to and from the Island every year, including residents, holidaymakers and business people. 

Red Funnel’s Red Jet carries 1.1 million passengers on its 18,600 crossings annually with 2.3 million travelling on the car ferry’s 11,800 trips.

Red Funnel reliability figures for June 2019 stands at 99.33 per cent.

I have no connection or interest in either company. 

We need to hear more from the people who really know and love the Island. 

Lord Adonis should read Isle of Wight Living magazine and buy a copy of the recently published The Wight Book, which endorses why the Island is recognised globally for its unique history, creativity and its natural heritage.