A WILDFIRE warning has been issued for the bank holiday due to a mini heatwave forecast.

CLA South East is calling on the public to take extra care in the countryside as the warm, dry conditions could elevate chances of wildfires.

According to current forecasts, much of the South East will experience temperatures of up to 30 degrees over the next week, with bookmakers cutting the odds on Monday setting an August bank holiday record from 3-1 to 2-1.

Wildfires have the capability to devastate farmland, wildlife and also pose a risk to the lives of people living and working in rural communities.

They can be prevented by not discarding cigarettes or other smouldering material. They also warn that litter such as bottles and shards of glass can spark a fire.

Some CLA members have highlighted the increased fire risk associated with disposable barbecues used in the countryside, urging the visiting public not to barbecue in rural areas.

CLA acting regional director Tim Bamford said: “Wildfires can have significant impacts on communities, landscapes and wildlife, and we appeal to the public to be extra vigilant when out and about in the countryside.

“Please take litter home, use common sense and keep an eye out.”


Do not try and tackle the fire yourself.

Call 999 and request the fire service.

Give an accurate location of the fire e.g. Name of the nearest road, access points, visible land marks (pubs, farms, power lines etc), locally known names, and map grid references.

Move to a safe area and contact the local land manager if possible.

If the fire is in a remote area, meet emergency services at the access point so that you can guide them to the location.

Don’t discard cigarettes.

Don’t have barbecues in unauthorised areas, or leave them unattended.

Don’t discard rubbish — particularly reflective materials.

Don’t burn garden rubbish during hot periods or if you live close to woodland.

Don’t have bonfires on hot days or during prolonged periods of dry weather.

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