A POPULAR route of mountain bike trails through Parkhurst Forest has been removed by Forestry England due to safety concerns — angering riders who use it.

Jason Heaven-Gandy has created a Facebook event entitled Rebuild The Forest Bike Track, imploring Islanders to bring along shovels and wheelbarrows to 'pull together and rebuild this track for the community to enjoy again.'

He said: “I was shocked beyond belief Forestry England has decided to flatten the bike jumps that have been there for at least two decades and have provided hours of free fun for all to enjoy.

“All we hear about on the news is how there is nothing for the kids to do so there is more antisocial behaviour on the street, yet a free zero maintenance site has been flattened.

"This is beyond ridiculous.”

He said a sign, stipulating Forestry England accepted no responsibility for injuries caused when using the jumps, would be a more appropriate solution.

A spokesperson for Forestry England said: “We’ve removed the unauthorised bike trails in Parkhurst Forest to protect public safety.

"They were dangerous to inexperienced riders who may inadvertently stray onto the course, and the features are not a type that we are prepared to accept because the consequence of novice riders getting it wrong could be serious injury — or worse.

“Forestry England, which manage Parkhurst Forest, do not have the resources to manage these informal facilities.

"They were poorly built and are unsustainable in terms of health and safety and environmental impact.

"We need to manage to the risk to all of our visitors to the forest and these trails and the features on them posed a high risk.”

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