IT'S good to be "healthily patriotic" in these uncertain times — said soprano Lesley Garrett in the run up to her headline appearance at Wight Proms.

She is looking forward to the traditional flag-waving Last Night of the Proms finale at the Northwood House concert and said it is just what the country needs, whether or not we Brexit.

Lesley told the County Press: "It is very good to be healthily patriotic in these difficult times, of Brexit and so forth.

"In uncertainty it is important to rally the community, and uplifting, rousing music sends the message that we can be strong and resourceful whether we leave or remain.

"It helps us pull together."

Lesley will be accompanied by the 50-piece Wight Proms Concert Orchestra.

"The bigger the better as far as the orchestra is concerned. It is what the music was written for," she said.

"I love the sensitivity and breadth an orchestra can bring. I really love singing outdoors as it is quintessentially British.

"I love looking out over people picnicking, drinking fizz, waving flags, children running around and maybe experiencing seeing an orchestra for the first time.

"I always talk a lot to the audience and tell people all about what they are listening to."

Lesley became friends several years ago with Mike Christie, Wight Proms organiser and one of the original members of G4.

Over the years they have sung together many times, performing Barcelona in several television appearances.

"We did a really cracking version," Lesley said.

"I have supported Mike and G4 ever since, and I think what Mike is doing with Wight Proms is brilliant, it is going to be a huge success.

"The IW is a wonderful venue for music, of course with the pop festival, but it is good to offer music for other tastes too."

Wight Proms' Last Night of the Proms is nearly sold out, and takes place on Sunday, September 1.

A night of music from the musicals, starring Ruthie Henshall, is on Saturday, August 31.

A comedy night, starring Alan Davies, is on Friday, August 30.

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