TOOGETHER Festival will move from Newchurch to the Isle of Wight Airport next year.

The festival was held on Saturday, August 3, 2019, and announced it would be returning for 2020.

A spokesperson said: "Due to an absolute nightmare with traffic management at our Newchurch site this year, and the council significantly reducing our capacity, we have no choice but to relocate next year.

"We are absolutely gutted about this as it was a beautiful location. We are eternally grateful to David and Emma Hughes, who let us host our first event on their land.

"They will be VIP guests at every event we organise. Unfortunately the event would not be able to survive with the numbers allowed by the authorities at that location.

"We will be moving to the IW Airport for next year's event. This will be a two-day event with camping and early bird tickets will be available from Friday, August 16, at 9am.

"Weekend tickets (non camping) will be £40 and weekend camping tickets £45, for a limited time only."