NOBEL Laureate for Peace, Dr Rebecca Johnson, spoke about global dangers when she visited the Isle of Wight.

Dr Johnson, International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons representative at the United Nations and CND vice president, spoke at Ventnor Fringe Festival.

She was joined by Vix Lowthion, Isle of Wight Green Party parliamentary candidate and Julie Hutchison, of Isle of Wight Extinction Rebellion.

The event was titled Global Dangers and covering the worldwide destruction of the planet, climate change and the threat posed by nuclear weapons.

Dr Johnson outlined her work with the United Nations, stressing the importance of involving every country in the legal banning of nuclear weapons.

Ms Lowthion described the dangers to the Island from the continued use of fossil fuels and the destruction of life by the dumping of plastics in the seas and oceans.

Ms Hutchison spoke of her own experience and journey, and the need for everyone to do what they can to protect the environment for future generations.

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