A spate of vandalism in Newport and Carisbrooke has damaged toilets and gym equipment.

Public toilets have been repeatedly targeted with paint and graffiti, including cubicle doors at South Street which were recently voluntarily repainted by Island Cleaning Solutions.

A window has also been broken and a toilet roll dispenser damaged in various toilets in the area, which were recently taken on by Newport & Carisbrooke Parish Council from the Isle of Wight Council.

Roof tiles were damaged at Seaclose toilets by objects thrown onto the roof, and broken beer bottles were left on the ground.

A piece of outdoor gym equipment at Church Litten, which can be used to charge mobiles, was burnt with a lighter and is awaiting repair.

Cllr Steve Hastings, chairman of the parish council's assets and facilities committee, said: "It is disappointing just as we are attempting to create better facilities for Newport’s residents that mindless vandalism comes into play which ultimately is an extra cost to all residents as we have to pay to make good the damage to our facilities."

The parish council plans to replace the current toilet block at Post Office Lane with self-contained Danfo units.

There are also plans to add artwork and plants to improve the area.

For further information contact Lucinda Molyneux, deputy clerk, on 01983 559119.