THE Royal Navy bomb disposal team has been called to the Isle of Wight today (Sunday) to disarm a potentially explosive device.

The Portsmouth-based team was initially called about the suspected ordnance, found at Steephill Cove, Ventnor, two days ago, but was unable to access it due to the weather.

A spokesperson for the UK Coastguard said: "We have the Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Team down there also, as a precaution.

"This has been ongoing for a few days now but, due to adverse weather, the bomb disposal team hasn't been able to get to it."

Update 3.40pm: The UK Coastguard and Royal Navy have now declared Steephill Cove to be safe. The device has been inspected and removed.

The Ventnor Coastguard Rescue Team posted on Twitter: "Tasked to Steephill Cove to meet with Royal Navy Bomb Disposal where they could look at suspected ordnance.

"Located and confirmed that it was safe which was then removed from the beach to prevent further calls."


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