A SEX offender who deleted his internet history, after watching videos of children, has been brought back to court.

Thomas Davies, 64, of Arthurs Hill, Shanklin, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on Tuesday, where he admitted breaching a sexual harm prevention order imposed two years ago.

The order was put in place following a conviction two years ago, after indecent images of children were found on his computer.

The court police arrived at Davies' home to carry out a random search of his computer and found he had been watching Russian-made videos of children in swimwear on YouTube.

Although they gave cause for concern, the videos were not illegal.

However, when police returned a second time, they found Davies had deleted his search history — something the court order banned him from doing.

Prosecutor Anne Smout said: "His internet history showed he had been looking at Russian videos of children on YouTube.

"Mr Davis claimed he had not been looking for them, he was looking for something to watch and YouTube must have suggested these videos.

"On the second visit, all the YouTube history had been deleted.

"He thought that would be ok, given the police had already seen the history."

Defending, Barry Arnett said: "Often in these cases the man deletes the history while the police are outside the door. This is not one of those cases.

"None of what he looked at was illegal in itself, but my client and I accept these orders are put in place for a good reason."

Magistrates sentenced Davies to a six-month community order, with ten rehabilitation days, and fined him £100.

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