A BEACH bag featuring the view over Freshwater Bay has been launched — to help the village go plastic-free.

Proceeds from the sale of the bags, made from organic cotton and printed at Freshwater's Rapanui factory, will go towards funding water bottle refill points at Moa Place, Gate Lane and the bay.

Parish councillor Daniel James said: "New drinking water taps could complement those local businesses which already refill your water bottles for free.

"It's the aim of the parish council's 'Plastic-Free Freshwater' campaign to reduce both plastic bag use and the number of bottles being used once and thrown away.

"After all, our parish was named after the sweetness of our drinking water.

"There's absolutely no need to ship plain water hundreds of miles in disposable bottles, and despite rising awareness too many bags and bottles are still ending up in the oceans."

The bags cost £4.99 and are available from local, independent shops including JCB Imaging, Artframes, West Wight Angling, Pet Lifeline, Coastal Mobility, P.J. Thorne Butchers, The Village Bakery, Allsorts, The Freshwater Coffee House, Elliott's Newsagent, Rutherford Eyecare and Whistle and Hound, as well as West Wight Sports and Community Centre and Freshwater Library.

They are available in Freshwater Bay at Orchard Brothers, The Piano Cafe, Dimbola Museum and Galleries, and the Freshwater Independent Lifeboat shop.

For every bag sold, £1 will go to the plastic-free project.

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