LAST month a friend of mine invited me to go on his cricket club tour.

It was only going to be for a few days, just the other side of the water.

And, as the weather forecast was good, and I was very much in a cricket mood following England’s tremendous World Cup win, I thought to myself, why not?

There appeared to be no hard and fast rule it was a men-only trip, but it turned out it was indeed a men-only trip.

It is my guess every one of the cricket team invited their wife or girlfriend along and, when they asked which other women were going, were told ‘none’ — thus leading said wife or girlfriend stating they didn’t want to be the only woman going, and therefore declining the invite.

And so off we went on our male bonding trip.

If I’m honest, that’s the real reason I went, and it’s also the point of this column — I needed a fix of male company.

At the risk of being accused of sexism, I’ve always believed men need regular fixes of all-male company more than women need fixes of all-female company.

But perhaps that’s not the case given the continued growth of feminism.

Either way, we men love a bit of male bonding, especially in the guise of something like a cricket tour, rugby tour or a stag weekend.

As soon as the car ferry rope is untied, men on tour, however responsible we may be in our day-to-day lives as parents, employees or bosses, suddenly become 18 year olds again.

These trips aren’t ‘men trips’ at all, they are ‘boy trips.’

Gone are the work suits or whatever is usually worn at home, and out come the silly tour t-shirts, usually with a ridiculous nickname on the back.

Also, although it’s only 9am, out come the beers and a brightly-coloured women’s hat — which one unlucky soul has to wear for making the silly mistake of holding their beer in their right hand.

The right-handed drinker will probably have a fine to pay for this heinous crime too, and numerous other fines will be issued by the Fines Master throughout the tour.

Anyway, to the tour itself — but alas, no!

Unfortunately I am unable to report what happened.

Not because I got so intoxicated I can’t remember, it’s just that I have to respect a tradition that goes back to the beginning of time — what goes on tour, stays on tour.

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