Tesco Ryde has launched a cereal box project.

Working in conjunction with local schools, the project will ensure all children receive breakfast before the beginning of the school day.

Members of the public can donate boxes of cereal at four collection points in Ryde — Cats Protection, Hovertravel, Ryde Library and the King Lud.

The King Lud has already donated 180 boxes and offered storage space for the project.

There have been other contributions from charity and community groups who are supporting the project.

If the project is successful, Tesco will work with community groups in Ryde to set up a holiday breakfast club.

A collection point is being set up at Tesco's Wootton store soon, and there are hopes it will also be launched at the Ventnor and Lake stores too, to support schools in their areas.

The project is being run by Tesco Ryde's community champion, Jan Gibson.

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