NESTLED in a valley just outside Newport, past fields of sheep, flowery hedgerows and ancient oaks, is an old farmyard and converted barn that is Django's — a jazz cafe and tapas bar.

On the evening of our visit, a duo of Hungarian violin and keyboard played jazz lounge classics.

The obvious choice is to order all five tapas dishes, excellent value at £25.

Served in an unsophisticated, rustic style that complemented the agricultural setting, these were no half-portions.

The hot pile of Arreton Valley tenderstem broccoli was crispy at the edges, but with a firm bite — anointed with sesame oil and seeds to give it a simple but delightfully rich smoky taste.

The bean curry looked deceptively straightforward, but was full of warm, fresh flavour and texture.

Crushed Isle of Wight new potatoes were fresh out of the oven, served with roasted red chilli and chocolate hummus, which added texture to the spuds but not as much taste as one might have hoped.

What makes Arreton Valley corn on the cob into yakitori sweetcorn? Maybe the cute little corn-fork, or the swoosh of zingy sauce that came with it, but either way this soft, fresh sweetcorn was a local seasonal treat, and cooked to perfection.

Hoisin mushrooms with wild blackberry salsa was a powerful flavour combo that worked well, with the sweet hoisin and sharp blackberry giving the rich, dark fungi plenty of depth.

Taking their coffee outside, Matt and his dining companion Ian listened to jazz being played indoors, as the summer sunset reddened the sky above.

When the waitress came to offer milk to Ian, he was surprised by the choice of oat milk or almond milk — after such a good meal he'd almost forgotten that this was, of course, like so many new venues at the moment, an entirely plant-based restaurant.

Django's is very good. The location is unique and the venue is charming, especially in summer.

The jazz is enjoyable, the service is attentive and friendly, and the simply-presented food is tasty and very well-crafted, a lot of thought going into the local and seasonal ingredients.

With live entertainment thrown in, Django's is also incredible value.

Two hungry men ate well for less than £30 on a Saturday night in August.

Django's is showing us how tapas ought to be done.

Four stars: very good indeed, well worth seeking out.

Matt and Cat's bill

Bread with oil and balsamic £4.50

Tapas x 5 £25.00

Coffee £2.00

Tea £1.60

Total: £33.10

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