A SANDOWN man completed a 95km circumnavigation of the Isle of Wight on the weekend ­— in a kayak.

Tim Wiggins set out at 6am, Saturday morning, from the calm waters of Bembridge Harbour.

His route from Bembridge cut close inshore, with no way for support boats to follow him.

Tim reached Shanklin before the support team eventually caught up with him, and reached Ventnor by 8am.

Close to 9am, Tim found himself paddling around St Catherine's Point, an hour ahead of schedule, and reached the Needles well before 1pm.

Had he not, he would have been fighting a strong flood tide to get west around the rock.

After passing through Alum Bay and Hurst Narrows, Tim stopped for a refuel in Colwell Bay.

At noon, Tim rounded the lighthouse, with jagged rocks towering high above, and waves crashing at the base.

Tim averaged well over 10km per hour, and continue to creep further and further ahead of his scheduled times.

Progressing past Yarmouth and Cowes, Tim turned around the corner at Norris Castle and could see Ryde Pier in sight ­— the final leg.

Around Seaview, St Helen's Fort came into view, as did the entrance to Bembridge Harbour ­— Tim's finish line.

Tim crossed the harbour mouth, completing his circumnavigation in 11 hours and 53 minutes.

"What an incredible journey, beautiful experience, and special challenge," said Tim.

"The event has brought together local businesses, friends old and new, and family; all united and working together to help promote the amazing work of the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

"If this day has helped to promote their outstanding work in some small way, then that is a real achievement.

"The challenge was by no means an easy day out for me, but it's nothing compared to the challenge of cancer."

Tim's escapade has raised more than £700 so far.

Pictures by Daniells Harrison Chartered Surveyors.