A YOUNG girl who only began competing in kickboxing three years ago, has been crowned a world champion.

Lacey Masterton-Davis, 11, from Ryde, won the K-1 B-Class (Halo Rules) 44.1kg-47kg class, in the nine to 11 years category.

The youngster, who took part in two days of competition at the Metrodome Leisure Complex in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, at the weekend, came up against Colette Brizman, of Hungary, in her semi-final, and beat UK and European number one, Emilia Azarova, in the final on a split decision, to take gold in an event of only three competitors.

The same three took part in version three of the same kickboxing class, with Azarova taking gold.

Lacey, who suffered an injury in her final, was unable to fight in the semi-final, but won a bronze medal by default. 

Lacey, a former member of the Island's Muay Thai Kickboxing Club, left this year and joined gyms in Watford and the Brotherhood and Vectis MMA gyms on the Isle of Wight.

Delighted with her medal successes, Lacey, who only began competing when she was aged eight, said: "It gives me a really happy feeling to be able to refer to myself as a world champion.

"I like to compete, get to meet new people, fight and learn from those who help me become a better fighter."