THE Intensive Care Unit (ITU) at St Mary’s Hospital has taken delivery of new equipment for critically ill patients, funded by donations to the Isle of Wight NHS Trust’s charitable fund.

The equipment will help ITU staff to make patients more comfortable when they are being moved.

A new rehabilitation chair, designed to accommodate specialist equipment for patients in intensive care, will help staff transfer patients from laying in bed to sitting upright.

Anne Hunter, deputy sister said: "Rehab chairs offer more support for patients by supporting their heads, securing the upper body, and making sitting in an upright position more manageable and comfortable.

"The chairs are great for staff too — they’re light and really easy for us to wheel around."

The team has two new transfer kits, including, for example, ventilation equipment, that enable staff to deliver intensive care when patients are moved to another hospital.

Anne said: "The transfer kits are used when we transfer patients by helicopter or ambulance — what we use at the bedside is in them, which is fantastic."

The ITU team thanked everyone who has supported and donated to the charitable fund.

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