A FORMER chef been banned from contacting his ex-partner after he pushed her to the ground and stamped on her belongings.

Robert Dave Burnett, 35, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court last Tuesday where he admitted one count of assault.

The court heard she was staying at another address, separate from their home at Garden Way, Newport, when he turned up and demanded a set of house keys.

She ignored him and later returned to their Garden Way home, not expecting him to be there.

However, Burnett came running down the stairs, shouting: "Get out of my house."

Prosecutor Anne Smout said he pushed her to the ground, emptied her bag and started stamping on the contents, shouting: "I'll kill you."

Mrs Smout said five separate calls were made to the police, all from concerned neighbours who witnessed the assault.

"Police did visit her, but reported she was too scared to leave the property in case he returned in her absence," said Mrs Smout.

Barry Arnett, defending, said of his client: "At the end of the day, he's thrown away 17 years.

"He's 35, he's currently not working, and he tells me a couple of days before the incident he had been to a funeral.

"It's quite obvious from what you have heard the relationship is now over."

Burnett was given a 24-month community order and restraining order, banning him from contacting his former partner.

He was also ordered to complete a 'building better relationships' course and fined £130.