ISLAND musicians and actors are teaming up for a new Origins Theatre production that will premiere at Ventnor Fringe.

Their production, 3 Women, features two short plays about women of different ages.

The first is based on the blog I Know I Need To Stop Talking, which has more than 160,000 followers, and stars Eleanor Spicer as a young mum who drinks a bit too much wine and pours out her heart.

The second, The Postman, stars Chris Turvey as Mrs Bale, who stays at home and waits for the post, until her life changes, thanks to the postman.

Singer songwriters John Hacker and John Bentley have composed new music for each of the plays, which will be sung by Emily Scotcher.

3 Women is on at the Pier Street Playhouse, starting at 6pm on Thursday, July 25, and Friday, July 26.

Kevin Wilson, director of Origins, who wrote the plays, said: "It's so exciting to see this production brought to life by such talented people.

"The plays explore the feelings and experiences we have at different stages of life and we hope the way the words and the music work together will give people a really different experience.

"We have supported Ventnor Fringe from the early years, and we wanted to do something special for its tenth anniversary.

"So 3 Women, plus our new staging of Fresh Start at the same venue at 8.30pm both nights, is a bit like our birthday present."

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