COWES Primary School hosted an international day inspired by cultural traditions from around the world ­— giving children the chance to show their parents and visitors what they have been learning in class.

The school kickstarted the event with a foot-stomping performance of The Shuffle dance by Year 6 pupils, followed by an energetic Cotton Eye Joe line-dance performed by the whole school.

Delicious smells wafted across the playground as curries were served from Bangladesh, noodles from Indonesia, and a selection of cakes and pastries from Denmark and Australia ­— all prepared by parents and volunteers of the school.

The pupils had been learning about different countries, with each class choosing a different country to study.

School business manager Donna Robinson said: "Year 6 pupils made a fabulous non-alcoholic sangria as part of their research into Spain, while Year 5 pupils had a long line of eager customers for their USA style hotdogs.

"Years 3 and 4 created some wonderful artwork from their chosen countries of Jamaica, Japan and the Netherlands.

"There was food tasting, animal studies, geography, and even Abba for the younger pupils, who thoroughly enjoyed their learning about Sweden, Zimbabwe, Scotland and Australia."

The Friends of Cowes Primary were kept busy serving English afternoon tea and cakes, and the ice lollies proved especially popular on such a warm afternoon.

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