Here at the County Press, we love it when readers send us pictures.

We receive hundreds each month from amateur and professional photographers, showcasing our wonderful wildlife, beautiful scenery and the quirks of Island life.

When we get chance, we use them in the paper, on or on our Facebook page.

Now we are launching Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club to put all these pictures in one place on Facebook (search for Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club), giving Island snappers the chance to display their talents. We will also regularly publish a selection in the County Press.

Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club will suggest regular themes, the first one being Summer Shots, but we will welcome pictures on any subject.

County Press editor Emily Pearce said: “I am delighted to launch this new club, as we have some massively talented photographers on our beautiful Island.

“Camera Club will, hopefully, bring them together in a community, and we will be offering some prizes in the weeks and months to come.”

All you have to do is find us on Facebook and ask to join.

Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club terms and conditions.

Welcome to the Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club. Here you can share your pictures, get tips and advice from experts, talk to fellow photographers and enter competitions.

Photographs posted here may be used in the County Press and its respective publications, websites and social media channels. By posting pictures in the group, you are giving consent for publication.

Portraits, landscapes, wildlife shots and news pictures – we welcome them all!

We do have a few house rules we’d like people to abide by:

• No trolling (no one likes a troll)

• No abuse

• No swearing. Using stars or symbols to post words that are clearly offensive will be treated as swearing.

• No nudity/sexual content. No projects set will involve any form of nude or ‘glamour’ photography and these style of images must not be posted to the group.

• Only post images you hold the copyright for. Any photographer posting images as their own work that is then proven to be the work of another will be immediately banned from the group.

The copyright of all of your images will always remain with you at all times and we will never sell your images on for use by third party in either print or electronic form.

The reason for the rule “By posting pictures in the group, you are giving consent for publication” is very simple. We have images submitted to the paper for publication in huge numbers. When we receive an email with a topical picture, say a foggy morning, and we want to put it on the website we reply to that photographer asking consent to print. It can take hours for that reply to come though and when it does it is almost always “Of course that is why I sent it to you” but by then the topical nature of the image has passed and we have lost the moment to publish.

It is for this reason alone that this rules exists. It is simply so you all understand that when you post images in the group you are effectively saying “Here is this picture, I give you consent to publish it”.

We say in the County Press and its respective publications because we also have Living magazine, in-house supplements and, of course, the websites and social media etc.

We want to repeat this important statement – we will NOT sell your images on to third parties via any means and this includes prints and electronic methods.

You own the copyright of your images, for us to do so would be in breach of your copyright and of the entire ethos of this group which is that “Isle of Wight County Press Camera Club is a place for photographers to post their images that they would like to see published in the County Press and its respective publications”.

Lastly let me say this, it is our intention to always be open, honest and transparent with the group and we are always happy to chat with group members regarding any concerns they may have.

Our e-mail addresses and contact numbers are listed below.

Thank you,

Alan Marriott, publisher, Isle of Wight County Press. 01983 259040

Emily Pearce, editor, Isle of Wight County Press. 01983 259051