NITON Primary School received a donation of £265 thanks to funds raised at the Island's first 5km Pepperpot Challenge running event, on June 30.

The event was organised by Emma Theunissen and Claire Critchison, and was followed by a children's 1km fun run in the afternoon.

The Pepperpot Challenge saw 28 runners take on a challenging 5k route, aimed at runners of all levels — Eden Szaweil, nine, was the youngest runner to participate.

Participants started at Niton Primary, ran through Niton village and up to the Pepperpot, continued along the clifftops and footpaths, before heading back to the school.

Locally crafted wooden medals were awarded to runners as they crossed the finish line, along with cold beers or soft drinks.

Claire said: "The event was a huge success with fantastic feedback — we will be organising a winter run in December.

"Thanks to all who took on and supported the Pepperpot Challenge."

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