WELL-KNOWN Bembridge resident, Patricia 'Paddy' Caws, celebrated her 100th birthday with her friends and family — and a few glasses of sherry.

Paddy celebrated with a garden party last Tuesday at The Limes residential home, where, despite her impressive 100 years, she had only recently moved to from her own home.

More than 25 people, including her children, grandchildren, and friends from the Monday Club — also known as the Sherry Club — joined her centenary celebrations.

Jo Dewen, from The Limes, said Paddy's room was 'a sea of cards.'

She received congratulatory messages from The Pope, The Queen and work and pensions secretary Amber Rudd.

Pope in Rome, not the local church, this was in addition to a letter from the Queen and Amber Rudd

Paddy moved to the Island with her family when she was 15 years old and met her late husband, who served as a Warrant Officer in the Royal Air Force.

Paddy has shown her family and friends that age is just a number, still actively attending the church and social groups, as well as being a keen scrabble player.

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