A 'PLASTIC Attack' protest has been held at Sainsburys in the fight against waste.

Members of the Journey to Zero Waste IOW Facebook group met at the Newport supermarket on Sunday and shopped as usual — before removing the plastic packaging and leaving it at the store in protest.

It was a peaceful protest and the supermarket had been informed beforehand.

Organiser Hollie Fallick said: “The action on Sunday was very positive with lots of shoppers joining in to put their unwanted single use plastic in our trolleys to hand back to the supermarket.

“Our supermarkets need to up their game and take responsibility for reducing the amount of plastic packaging they are using.”

Inspired by Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall's War on Waste television series, the group has encouraged shoppers and supermarkets to drastically cut their use of plastics and non-renewables.

The group plans to hold more Plastic Attacks on the last Saturday of every month, from 9.30am to 11.30am, at supermarkets across the Isle of Wight.

The next one will be held on July 27 at Tesco in Ryde.

All are welcome to attend.

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