A MUSIC festival aimed at families on Isle of Wight will begin including special “Sensory Nooks” for children who suffer from Autism or other disorders.

Starting on August 1, the Great Wonderfest will be setting up at Duxmore Farm along with something called a Sensory Nook, a small hut designed to shut out noise from the outside and provide a quiet atmosphere.

Kevin Wheatley, the co-creator of Sensory Nook said: “Sensory Nooks are relaxing mobile pods that reduce noise levels from outside and provide a range of interactive sensory equipment designed to calm and lower anxiety levels”

The Nooks will be part of what the festival is dubbing the “sensory village,” an area of the otherwise busy festival that will cater specifically to the needs of children who may find the event overwhelming.

Mr Wheatley said: “By providing Sensory Nooks the Great Wonderfest organisers are empowering people with disabilities and their family and friends who support them, to attend and fully enjoy the festival on equal terms with everyone else.

“People with disabilities love music too and by taking time out in a Sensory Nook they gain a quick recharge, reduce the impact of sensory overload and stay to enjoy the festival for a much longer time.”

The four-day event is set to be hosted by CBBC stars Dick and Dom, as well as performances by bands such as Busted, the Vamps and Sigma.

The organisers have also taken strides to be inclusive of a range of disabilities, including sign language interpreters on hand during shows and bikes that have been specially adapted for those in wheelchairs, to more easily get around the grounds.

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