GO INTO the deep, dark forest with Hansel and Gretel, party like a royal at the Bagwitch’s Revolting Right Royal Knees Up and win big with the silliest game show on planet earth.

Horse Box Theatre Company is bringing a series of performances to Ventnor Fringe Festival, promising a few days of live theatre and music for families and children.

The interactive performance of Hansel and Gretel uses music and puppetry to bring the wonderful adventure to the stage — expect lots of laughter as they meet a whole host of strange creatures on their way to the gingerbread house.

The biggest royal party of the year can be found if you join the Bagwitch's knees-up. What could possibly go wrong? Expect music, dancing, food and laughter — it’s going to be a complete disaster!

Renegade Girls is an inspiring, kid-friendly story of a young girl who dared to stand out. Be in awe as the real life adventures of the amazing women from the Solent — Mary Ellis, Jane Austen, Queen Victoria, Ellen MacArthur and Emily Davies — come to life.

Battle it out in the craziest game show in town, and join the Fringe Fiesta with David Gibb, billed as the ultimate party show for families. Take your teddy bears with you.

All performances take place at the comedy and cabaret tent in Ventnor Park.

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