A MALE teenager was airlifted by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance (HIOWAA) at 7.45pm this evening (Tuesday), after falling into a chalkpit at Newport.

An Isle of Wight NHS spokesperson said: "We were called at 6.23pm to assess a male casualty who had fallen from approximately four storeys high.

"The casualty had fallen into a chalkpit in Newport.

"The air ambulance was called by paramedics on the scene, and the casualty was flown to Southampton General Hospital at 7.45pm."

Newport firefighters were called by the Isle of Wight Ambulance Service at 6.48pm, to assit them alongside Isle of Wight police.

A fire spokesperson said: "We were called from the ambulance at 6.48pm.

"The ambulance confirmed the Hems team at HIOWAA were required to airlift the casualty to Southampton.

"Newport firefighters were called to assist with 'man power' strength to hand the casualty over to the air ambulance."

The extent of injuries sustained by the casualty have not been confirmed at present.

UPDATED: 10.59am Wednesday

A fire spokesperson confirmed this morning (Wednesday), the male casualty who had fallen from a height was a teenager.

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