WHEN a stage is built on top of a stage to present two layers of performance space, you know you're going to see something a little bit different.

The Apollo Youth Theatre will perform Sparks, a fun family show written for performers aged between five and 19, at the Newport theatre this month.

Sparks is set in the fictional town of Bournville, where everyone loves chocolate and residents live side-by-side with elves who forage through bins for materials for their engineering projects.

It all changes when the elves steal a baby.

The whole town wants the elves gone — no-one more so than Ms Snickers, who promises to rid the town of elves in return for a place at the prestigious chocolate tasting club.

But is everything what it seems?

What really happened that night, and who is good and who is evil?

Performances take place at 2pm and 7.30pm on Friday, July 20 and Saturday, July 21.

Tickets are available from www.apollo-theatre.org.uk