AN ISLE of Wight grunge trio have released a new single.

Killing Morton ­— formed in 2017, and comprised of members, Redd Marsh, Jack Gorman and Kristian Murphy ­— have released their new single, Mobscene, fresh of the back of their debut single, Pips.

The song ­— inspired by the hard rocking sound of Pearl Jam and Queens of the Stone Age ­— is a hard-hitting single with references to serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe, and the controversial journalist, Kelvin MacKenzie.

Both of Killing Morton's singles have been recorded by Stuart Heath of Hungry Hound Productions, chosen for his work with other heavy Island acts, King Kuna and Sexy Pretty Things.

Mobscene is available to download and stream on all major music streaming services, including Spotify and Apple Music.

Killing Morton are set to release another single in October, with a EP planned for early release in 2020.

The band can be seen performing at The Hobbit, Southampton, on Saturday, July 13.

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