A NEW cafe committed to producing zero-waste has opened in Newport — attracting throngs of customers in its first couple of weeks.

Peach is a vegan cafe offering an entirely plant-based menu, featuring dishes including seared tofu steaks, macaroni and cashew cheese, Kentucky fried seitan wraps, sweet pancakes and smoothies.

It also sells environmentally friendly household items, cleaning products and mineral-based toiletries.

Owners Stephanie Norris and Guy Page have opened the cafe and shop at Upper St James' Street.

Guy said: “The ethos is to be friendly as possible. That involves more than animal rights and welfare, it's in everything we do."

Dubbed 'a vegan kitchen and zero-waste store,' Peach has been busy since it opened two weeks ago — and not all its customers have been vegan.

Guy said: "It’s been busier than anticipated, but we have managed. On our first week we realised we needed to do more food prep, as people really liked the fresh meals.

"Everything we make in the cafe is cooked entirely from scratch, from wraps to sauces and condiments.

"We've had people wander in and ask for a tea or coffee and, when we tell them about our milk options, they are always curious to try them.

Stephanie and Guy have also endeavoured to avoid using plastics and non-renewables.

Guy said: “Everything in the way we source our food comes to us plastic free.”

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