A WILY fox had a brush with a homeowner on the weekend.

David and Hazel Trevan had the most unlikely of visitors waltz into their home in St Lawrence late Saturday night ­— a fox.

The furtive mammal wasn't popping in to outsmart Boggis, Bunce and Bean, however, and was content to just lounge around in the bathtub and have its picture taken.

"It was a hot day, and we went to bed at about 11.30pm," said David.

"We left our French doors wide open because it was such a hot night, and at about 2am, my wife went to the bathroom.

"It gave her quite the fright ­— she walked into semi-darkness and found this young fox in the bathtub."

The fox didn't seem fazed at all, and showed no signs of injury.

David suspects that the fox climbed into his bathtub to cool down.

Ten minutes later­ — as David went to collect his gloves from the garden, expecting to have to move the animal ­— the fox wandered out of the house and disappeared into the night.