From John Baldry, Ventnor:

Our MP Bob Seely has made it known that he backs austerity.

A devious political policy which hurts the less well off amongst us.

He also backs income tax cuts, a policy that benefits the more affluent without much helping the less well off. So we can see that he is far more interested in the affluent than he is in the poor.

To compound his poor judgement, he is now giving his backing to one Boris Johnson.

How on earth can he possibly endorse a serial liar? Mr Johnson lied about no taxpayers’ money being used in his ‘Garden Bridge’, when London mayor.

To date approximately £45 million of taxpayers’ money has been used, and the whole stupid project thankfully died a death.

He lied about us paying the EU £350 million a week, another big porky. And as for his handling of the Nazanin Ratcliffe case when he was Foreign Secretary, it just beggars belief.

And this is the man that Mr Seely wants as our Prime Minister?