From Vix Lowthion, Freshwater:

The Conservative Party leadership contest has quickly degenerated into competitive mud wrestling between which candidate – Johnson or Hunt – will Brexit ‘the hardest’.

At the same time, Nigel Farage has urged Conservative MP candidates to stand aside in hundreds of seats across the country, declaring neither prospective Prime Minister can be ‘trusted to deliver Brexit’.

When will our leaders also consider the views of the 16.1 million citizens, plus those under 21 years who couldn’t vote in 2016?

Johnson visited our Island as a backdrop to his campaign, and declared that we must ‘Unify the country by getting Brexit done’. But his support for a No Deal, Crash Out Brexit will cause untold damage to our businesses, health service and the peace and national unity of the United Kingdom.

It is far too simplistic of our current MP Bob Seely to say that we must just ‘Get On with Brexit’.

It is as if the 16 million of those who voted Remain — plus the millions who voted for the managed and orderly Leave Deal which was promised — are irrelevant and inconvenient to their cult of Brexit.

The political, economic and constitutional crisis of the last three years will not go away if we leave the EU – with or without a deal. 

Our future Prime Minister must speak to the 48 per cent as well as the 52 per cent — there is no place for promising unicorns to Leavers, and completely ignoring those who chose to Remain. A unified country must provide a platform for all our views.