A SENIOR soldier from the Isle of Wight has been appointed to the position of conductor.

Warrant officer, Neil Scott, was one of five Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) senior soldiers to be granted the position.

He said: "It is a great honour and privilege to work alongside the current eight conductors, and to join those that have received this appointment since 1327."

The position is enshrined in Queen's Regulations, and endows those appointed with seniority within the army and in their trade profession.

The first Conductor Parchment Ceremony took place in 2001, and the appointments of conductor and sub-conductor have a long and prestigious history.

The Duke of Gloucester, who is the RLC deputy colonel in chief, was guest of honour and presented Neil with his parchment.

Neil, 40, from Cowes, was supported by his wife, Abbey, and two daughters, Elysia and Lauren.

Neil is the command master driver and head of trade for all drivers within the RLC, and is currently based in Andover.

He always wanted to travel, and during his career he has completed operations in Croatia, Sierra Leone and Iraq, and has visited places including Canada, Falkland Islands, USA, and the Baltic Islands.

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