BRADING Roman Villa is exhibiting hoards of ancient coins.

The venue has been included in the British Museum and Salisbury Museum Partnership Exhibition, Hoards: a hidden history of ancient Britain.

Within the Brading hoard collection, are four hoards from Brighstone, Freshwater, Calbourne and Shalfleet.

However, more than 30 hoards of ancient coins have been found on the Island over the centuries — all discovered by local metal detectorists.

Hoards is the first exhibition to explore why ancient Britons hid precious objects to never retrieve them — particularly as new research has changed understanding of finds.

In addition to coin hoards, loans from the British Museum and Salisbury Museum include bronze weapons discovered in the river Thames and iron age gold torcs.

The Hoards exhibition, supported by the Dorset foundation, are now on display at Brading Roman Villa. Visitors can explore the exhibit, inclusive of their visit, until September 28.


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