BUSTED will bring the Isle of Wight into the Year 3000 when they appear at the Great Wonderfest.

The County Press spoke to band member James Bourne to find out more.

Q) What attracted you to play the Great Wonderfest?

A) We are currently promoting our new album Half Way There and we love playing it live so we don't need an excuse to play in front of a large festival audience!

Q) What makes this event different to other festivals?

A) We don't know yet, we're never been, but we hope it'll be a fun festival for all ages.

Q) What can we expect from your set?

A) Lots of energy, loud guitars, and packed with hit singles - we expect everyone to be singing along!

Q) Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

A) We know the guys from the Vamps, they're all lovely dudes and we know they'll put on a great show.

Q) Will you be hanging out with Dick and Dom?

A) As long as it's in a bungalow. Yeah we'd love to have a beer with those guys.

Q) Will you be trying out any of the adventure activities?

A) If we've got time - for sure. Looking forward to seeing what's on offer at the street food market though!

Q) You've performed on the IW before. What do you think of the place?

A) We love the IW, its such a fun place, especially in the summer! The people are always so friendly and welcoming. We can't wait to be back.