ACTION packed professional wrestling is coming to the Island.

Despite once being a staple of popular, terrestrial channels in the UK, British wrestling has since tapped out to the global WWE, which has reigned for more than 60 years, and launched some of the most celebrated wrestlers of all time.

LDN Wrestling, however ­— making an appearance at Medina Theatre on Sunday, July 14 ­— aims to challenge the yanks’ dominance and reinstate the demand for British wrestling.

Sanjay Bagga, 33, who left university after just 12 weeks to become a wrestling promoter, founded the group in 2004, after becoming frustrated with the lack of affordable and thrilling entertainment provided to UK fans of sport.

"Wrestling and this great country go hand in hand," said Sanjay.

"It is in our culture, and even used to outdraw the FA Cup Final."

After a successful 15 years, and with plans for another two hundred shows across Europe, LDN Wrestling is on its way to helping Britain re-stake its claim on the wrestling world.

"British wrestling took a big knock when it got taken off the TV in the 1980s, so I felt there was a gap in the market for a wrestling event with affordable prices," said Sanjay.

"WWE events are great, but it can end up working out at about £500 a day.’"

LDN Wrestling has more than ten year's history with the Island, having promoted sell-out shows at Ventnor Winter Gardens and Shanklin Theatre in the past.

Sanjay said: "Wrestling is coming back bigger than ever in Britain, but the modern generation only know Hulk Hogan or The Rock now.

"We have five American wrestlers, and everyone always goes home happy when we combine the American and British wrestlers."

Featuring on the card is the new fan favourite, 28-stone Crusher Curtis, who will be battling Lance Cole, while British Heavyweight Champion, Alan Lee Travis, defends his championship against Justin Wylde.

LDN Wrestling takes place on Sunday, July 14 at Medina Theatre from 3pm.