ISLANDERS are being warned of scams taking place on the Isle of Wight.

Trading Standards have warned residents of scam phone calls received on the Island relating to Western Union taking money from accounts/cards.

The Isle of Wight Against Scams Partnership (IWASP) said that anyone receiving these calls should not follow any of the instructions, which includes dialling numbers, and to hang up.

Trading Standards have also been advised that residents are receiving unsolicited visits from energy companies claiming to be able to save the resident money.

A spokesperson for IWASP said: "As with all doorstep traders, we strongly advise that you don’t enter into any agreements on the doorstep.

"Tell the caller to leave. They can be persistent, so it is perfectly acceptable for you to close the door — it is your home.

"If you are concerned that you are paying too much for your utilities, then please do your own research.

"If you suffer with persistent callers you can obtain a yellow no cold caller sticker from

"Callers will not necessarily pay attention to these, they are a warning, so advise them if they don’t leave you will call the police."