ISLAND Conservatives will have the chance to meet the future prime minister when Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt visit the Isle of Wight on Thursday.

The MPs, who are the final two in the Tory leadership race, will both give speeches and take questions.

The event is open to paid-up members of the IW Conservative Association who can purchase tickets, with priority given to those who have been members for three months or more and are therefore entitled to vote in the leadership contest.

The Conservative Association confirmed: "Both Jeremy and Boris will be visiting the Island, and will be joining us for an event taking place in East Wight during the afternoon.

"Jeremy and Boris will join us separately, with a break in-between. Each will give a speech and then take questions."

Island MP Bob Seely Tweeted: "Delighted that the IW Conservative Association officers and I have managed to persuade both Conservatives candidates to make a special detour to visit the IW this week to speak to our many members."

He later said: "I’m delighted that both Boris and Jeremy are visiting the Island this Thursday.

"One of the things that I promised when Islanders elected me as their Member of Parliament was that I would make sure that the Island had a higher profile in Whitehall and that Islanders would be listened to by our national leaders.

"The Island is the first constituency in the UK to host a dedicated event for both the candidates in their quest to be the next Prime Minister."