MORE than 70 dogs got together at Parkhurst Forest for a social meet up organised by Ry's Dog Training.

Ryan Bennett, of Ry's Dog Training, was celebrating his 50th big social meet and beat his previous record for the number of dogs taking part.

Ryan decided to celebrate the 50th meet at Parkhurst because that was where he held his first meet, back in 2015.

He said: "Ry's Dog Training started as a hobby. It was a nice thing I did just to help people out at weekends.

"I created Ry's Big Social Meet when I started walking with a client's dog back in 2015.

"I advertised it on Facebook as The Big Social Meet for dogs and owners. 15 dogs turned up to walk the 45 minute route around Parkhurst.

"The business is now popular due to these meets, as they run once a month and have done since I started the business.

"As a dog trainer, I go to see all types of breeds in all ages. Dogs that jump up on people, won't recall, have separation anxiety, aggression, or lacking in obedience — the list goes on.

"Over 65 per cent of the British public living in the main of the UK have a dog in their home. That number is huge and is doesn't seem to have changed for the Island.

"A lot of anti-social dogs need time and small amounts of change in their life to ensure that the process is not rushed to become more sociable.

"Dogs need time to adapt when other dogs are around. On Ry's Big Social Meets all dogs are welcome as well as owners.

"We have two walking parties — one for social and the other for anti-social. The gap between the groups is minimal, the idea being if both walking parties can walk almost alongside each other, then due to the volume of dogs, the anti-social normally are reactive for the first minutes and then settle.

"Muzzles have been worn on my meets for protection and safety, however after a few meets they've normally come off and just remain wary.

"I do try and get everyone together to start with to go through any hazards on the route (if any), poo bag policies, dogs off lead and just a general hello and thank you for coming."