From Tanja Katarina Rebel, Cowes:

It WAS interesting, not to say entertaining, to read Leon Guzenda’s letter (CP, 31-05-19) claiming my concerns regarding 5G are based on ‘disinformation spread online by the Russian government channel RT.’

While my name may have a Russian ring to it, may I first of all reassure Leon and others that I have no underhand links whatsoever to the Russians — unlike, it seems, the current US president.

My information is based on facts coming from various independent scientists from across the globe who have no ties to the Russian government or any other government for that matter.

What’s more, they have no links to the telecom industry.

Of course, it suits said industry extremely well to claim that genuine concern regarding 24/7 mandatory pulsed millimetre wave radiation is a result of Russian Propaganda. Even the New York Times recently peddled this myth, which was fortunately quickly debunked by Americans for Responsible Technology, who revealed the economic stake of said newspaper in the deployment of 5G.

And it is the same the world over — including in Russia — where economic interests and convenience are put before the precautionary principle and due diligence.

Leo Guzenda further states, ‘the higher the radio frequency, the lower its ability to penetrate human skin, significantly lowering risks to the body’s internal organs and the brain’.

Again, independent scientists beg to disagree. The skin is our largest organ and intimately connected to our nervous system as well as other organs. Some of the effects independent scientists — not just the Russians — are worried about include:

  • Various neurological/neuropsychiatric effects, including changes in brain structure and function.
  • Changes in various types of psychological responses and changes in behaviour, at least eight different endocrine (hormonal) effects.
  • Cardiac effects influencing the electrical control of the heart, including changes in ECGs, producing arrhythmias, changes that can be life threatening, chromosome breaks and other changes in chromosome structure.
  • Histological changes in the testes.
  • Cell death (a process important in neuro-degenerative diseases)
  • Oxidative stress.
  • Changes in calcium fluxes and calcium signalling.
  • Cellular DNA damage.
  • DNA changes, also increased rates of tumour promotion-like events.

It is up to the industry and Governments to prove 5G is safe before any roll-out, not for the general citizen to find out after the event.

The precautionary principle should always be paramount.